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Our Story

We are Muddy Goose Coffee Company— Small-Batch Roastery, Chocolate Purveyors, and Flavor Enthusiasts. 


We are a team of two enjoying all aspects of coffee and chocolate culture. From humble beginnings, with an assured tenacity to tell our story. But what is a story without going on a journey? Join us as we build our future story. Here's to new beginnings!


Our menu was derived from the idea that ordering a tasty drink should be simple and fun. At Muddy Goose, you can Create Your Own Drink by selecting from our carefully curated menu OR choose from our Classic Menu, consisting of traditional espresso-based drinks, teas, and coffees OR choose from our Specialty Drinks Menu. Whatever you decide, it is sure to be tasty.



Our Menu

Our Coffee

​We believe in our brand and the quality of our coffee that is why we roast our coffee in-house. Our coffee is served at its peak flavor. We source our coffee beans from farms and operators that meet sustainable and fair-trade standards.



Each and every one of our curated chocolates are meant to be a unique experience. Pure of Taste. When you eat chocolate, you should taste chocolate. 


Muddy Goose features an assortment of handcrafted pastries and baked goods daily. Our selection ranges from assorted scones, croissants, cookies, muffins and so much more.

Community is important to us that is why we source 100% of our handcrafted sweet and savory treats from vendors throughout the great state of Ohio.

Local Partners

Our Chocolates


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