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Pairings: Dark Chocolate + Espresso Blend

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About the Recipe

The flavor profiles of coffee and chocolate run the gamut, overlapping in both complementary and contrasting ways. It is no surprise, then, that pairing them together is pretty much heaven. Finding the perfect coffee and chocolate pairing requires a bit of exploration and experimentation. The flavors can echo one another or contrast one another but figuring that out is all part of the fun.


  • Muddy Goose Espresso Blend

  • Dark Chocolate


Here at Muddy Goose, we are excited to share with you some of our favorite coffee and chocolate combinations. Next time you come in the shop, pair our Dark Chocolate with our Espresso Blend. The bitterness of the chocolate is an amazing compliment to those chocolatey and nutty notes in the coffee.

Just remember, food tasting and pairing is an art. There is no right or wrong!

Let’s experiment and have fun!

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