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Stroopwafel Strawberry Crunch

Prep Time:

3 Minutes

Cook Time:





About the Recipe

Stroopwafels are layered Dutch waffle cookies that are crispy on the outside and soft on the inside. They usually contain a sweet filling, such as caramel, sandwiched between the two crispy layers. The caramel stroopwafel tastes amazing when coated with a chocolate hazelnut spread and plenty of fresh strawberries.


  • Caramel Stroopwafel

  • Chocolate Nut Butter

  • Fresh Strawberries


Step 1

Rest a Stroopwafel on top of your hot cup of coffee or tea. Wait for about two minutes to allow the caramel to get all soft and melty.

Step 2

Top it off with your favorite chocolate nut butter and fresh strawberries.

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